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We are a Diversified Professional Services and Franchise Group which provides a wide range of Specialist Services to our Clients and which at the same time offers Unmatched Business Opportunities for Selected, Industrious, Entrepreneurs who Partner with us for Mutual Successs.

  •   We  are  AUCTIONEERS. 
  •   We  are  BUSINESS  BROKERS.
  •   We  are  REAL  ESTATE  AGENTS.
  •   We  are  PROPERTY  MANAGERS.
  •   We  are  VALUATORS  and  ASSESSORS.
  •   We  are  INNOVATORS  and  EDUCATORS.


WE  SELL  and  AUCTION  all  Types  of  VALUABLE  BUSINESSES  and  a  wide  range  of IMMOVABLE   and  MOVABLE   ASSETS   for  RAPID  FINANCIAL RESULTS.


Unemployment  vs  Employment  vs  Entrepreneurship  !   


We have recently made hundreds of NEW Affordable Franchise Opportunities available to serious ENTREPRENEURS who are invited to JOIN US and either start or continue their own Auction, Real Estate and Business Broking Business in Partnership with our Group. Get your own very Affordable Franchise now and grow it as big as you would like ! You will be in business for yourself, but not on your own.  T's and C's apply, contact us for details.

Allow us the opportunity to show you how we can productively work together as Strategic Business Partners for unmatched mutual benefits and how you can earn an EXCEPTIONAL MONTHLY  INCOME  -  Every  Month  !  Does it Sound too Good to be True ?  WHAT IF IT SIMPLY IS TRUE  ?   Let us show you the Facts and Figures and you decide for yourself.  


All Industrious and Smart People who want to achieve FINANCIAL FREEDOM, are welcome to contact us for a detailed Presentation regarding this Fantastic Business Opportunity based on our NEW,  POWERFUL  and  UNIQUE  BUSINESS  MODEL, which provides the   Secret Ways and the Rapid Continuous Financial Results.  

This Unique Business Model has been developed in South Africa over the past four years and provides an Unmatched Competitive Advantage over all potential competitors in either South Africa or even the rest of the World !  It  is  absolutely  INDUSTRY  DISRUPTIVE  !  

It will radically change - for the better - the way things have been done in these traditional and well established industries. No more will business be : "As Usual". Times change and People have to change.   IF  YOU  AREN'T  DIFFERENT,  YOU  DON'T  REALLY  MATTER  !  
CHANGE IS GOOD and with our NEW BUSINESS MODEL, we will empower many Smart and Ambitious People to be Successful Entrepreneurs and to obtain Financial Freedom and Independence for themselves and their families in the shortest possible time.  
Innovation,  Specialization,  Networking  and  Rewarding  Results.
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